This is the front end of the Library Management System. This demo is fully functional and will be as it is when we provide the source code.More details are given below.This site resets itself after every 30 min so you could face logout sometimes.You can login & try the backend dashboard. If you have paid for the source code and have not received an email yet, kindly check your junk/spam folder. We usually email you with 1 hour . How to Download?

Our Library Books


Learning SQL

Alan Beaulieu


Robert Sheldon

A Guide to SQL

Philip J. Pratt

SQL All-in-One For Dummies

Allen G. Taylor

SQL from the Ground Up

Mary Pyefinch

SQL Server 7 Essential Reference

Sharon Dooley

SQL Demystified

Andrew Oppel


Java in a Nutshell

David Flanagan


Documents of the Christian Church

Henry Bettenson

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

E. A. Livingstone

Symbols of the Christian Faith

Alva William Steffler

The Oxford History of Christian Worship

Geoffrey Wainwright


Excel Start Up Maths

Damon James

Basic Maths For Dummies

Colin Beveridge

The Chemistry Maths Book

Erich Steiner

Chapter-wise Solutions: JEE Main Maths

Bhupinder Singh Tomar


A History of Platinum and its Allied Metals

Donald McDonald

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Bill Bryson

Science and Values

Larry Laudan


A Century of Science Publishing

Einar H. Fredriksson



Rudolf Steiner

The Architecture of Tokyo

Hiroshi Watanabe

Building Evolutionary Architectures

Neal Ford

Architecture of Italy

Jean Castex


Concepts of Culture

Adam Muller

Culture and Citizenship

Nick Stevenson

Culture On Display

Dicks, Bella

Culture and Environment

Irwin Altman


Advances in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

David Jin

Basic Electronics Engineering


When Gadgets Betray Us

Robert Vamosi

MORE Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius

Robert Iannini

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About us

Library Management System is carefully developed for easy management of any type of library. It’s actually a virtual version of a real library. It?s a web based system where you can manage books of different categories, manage users & manage issue/return of books easily.Issuing a book to a member is just a matter of a click.LMS will be an efficient and intelligent companion for managing your library.

Address : Registrar University of Mumbai M.G. Road Fort Mumbai-400032

Phone : 022-6500706 | Fax : 12457890

E-mail : [email protected]

Copyright © 2017-2021 LMS. All rights reserved.

Everything from here is the part of the DOC

All the information required for getting startup and running is given below.Everything is arrange in a stepswise manner for easy understanding of the working of this wesbite

Installing of wordpress:

Download wordpress from : Click Me
  1. Extract the downloaded file into a folder on your server(if live) / www folder (if on localhost) Eg:library.
  2. Extract the Library to this location wp-content\themes\
  3. Create a db in PhpMyAdmin Eg:demo_lib
  4. Then Open the link in the browser. Eg: http://localhost/library/
  5. Follow the instruction to install wordpress.
  6. After installing login into system.
  7. Click on Appearance->Themes & Activate the theme.

Installing Procedures Video

Rough Software Walkthrought

Technologies Used To Build This Theme

  1. PHP with Wordpress Framework [Note: Php Version < 7.0]
  2. AngularJs
  3. Jquery
Note For Advance Users: No Custom Post is used here.Why did i not used ? So that everyone with basic knowledge of php can easily digest the code.

Modules Preview



Other Settings

Add Books

Manage Books

Deactivate Books (If Lost)

The numbers shown (it's the book id) needs to be written behind each books.Since its used to identify each books.No barcode feature is used since it can increase overall cost.

Manage Courses

Manage Years

Profile Updating

Manage Users

Print Library Card

Just a introvert person :D

Issue Books

View All Issued Books

Change Password

Return Books

Sms Sending

View All Archive Books Issued Records

Request New Book (User Panel)

He creates a new request for the book and provide details.Other users/students can like his request if certain nos of people like this request then librarian can may be accept the request.

View All Requested Books (Librarian Panel)

He can either approve or dissaprove the request

Institution Setups (Librarian Panel)

Manage Fines

Add Custom Pages

Add User

Camera module integrated into it.Default password would be the phone number.

Manage Slides

Manage Online Paid Dues

Books Issued To User (User Panel)

Here all the book that is issued to him currently is being displayed if he has delayed returning the book he is beign given an otpion to make payment.After the payment is done thought online he can submit the book within the buffer period.

Due Payment Form (User Panel)

Here you can fill in the billing details and pay the due using the online gateway.Due is all calcuated based on the setting (per day fine) that you can find in the other setting options.

Front Page

These are all the list of books that are available in the library.If Any books goes out of stock then status (All Issued) will be shown to the students.He can also see a preview of these books via(Google Book Api)

Added Custom Pages

Now you can add custom pages from our dashboard.

Who can use this?

  1. Computer students with understanding of programming & having knowledge of PHP can use it for project purpose. For documentation you can visit : Reference Link .This is a reference document for creating a blackbook/presentation of your own.You can modify it and use it accordingly.Download this as a word document.
  2. Even people with no knowledge of programming can follow the instruction to install the software and can use.

How to download?

The cost for this source code is (USD) $ 20 /- You can make the payment via Paypal or via CCAvenue

After the payment you will receive a mail containing the source code download link within a hour or two on your paypal email id Or on the email-id that you entered on Ccavenue payment page. Note : Check ur spam folder , sometimes the mails gets landed in spam folder.
if you want it to be send on a different email-id then write us on [email protected] & we would mail it to you.


Help / FAQ

If you need any help installing the software you can contact the developer at [email protected].


One response to “Hello world!”

  1. John says:

    It was a wonderful theme.I really loved your design I was able to kick-start my college project easily.If you can help me in integrating a payumoney gateway for students who have delayed the return of books as well as a system for uploading a pdf of a specific books.That would complete my project.Anyway i will try myself if would not be able to do …I would need you help man.

  2. Mike says:


    I have mailed you about an issue that i am facing.Its running slow on my localhost.if you could check it would be helpful or you could send me the instruction on my e-mail ([email protected]).You ticketing system is not working at the moment.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Awesome system with great support. I would recommend to everyone.

  4. Satish says:

    I have not received the source code yet. I have made a payment yesterday on paypal. Kindly reply soon as my deadlines are near

    • Admin says:

      Kindly send us your transaction id or your email address to verify as we have not received any amount.Can you check at your end if your transaction was successful or not ? Don’t worry as soon as we receive i can assure you the next moment i would be mailing you the source code.Rest Assured

  5. Stefen says:

    I can’t able to make payment .could you help me with it? I am an indian user

  6. Can you add a functionality to upload pdf file of books so students can download it.Preview is still great but pdf would be even better.

    • Admin says:

      Yes you can do it.You will need to add a column in the table and there is already upload functionality include in the code . you can copy & modify it to upload even pdf (currently its image formats)and save the pdf location details in table. That’s all.

    • Admin says:

      You could try to upload the pdf on your google drive and paste that link in the book url option if you think there is no preview of that book available.

  7. Ali Kazmi says:

    I need help to add some functionality to the system. i am a newbie in php. Would you help if i payed for the the source code.

    • Admin says:

      Sorry sir adding functionality would not be be possible.I can guide you in the right direction anyways You can open a ticket and explain me the requirement if its simpler i will be able to push the functionality in next release.Then may be you can decide to go forward.

  8. Robin says:

    Can i integrate this code in my school WordPress theme.?

  9. Steve says:

    I will pay you extra . if you can add import/export of books from excel functionality & give me.

  10. Ravi Shastri says:

    This is the second time i am getting an LMS source code. 1st one was from codecanyon $30 totally wasted money then i came across this one .This one seems to have better design & less functionality as compare to my previous purchase but this one was a a good deal & by the way the installation was simpler than i imagined.I merge both the source code functionality . It was a pain in ass in the beginning but in the end i figured it out and completed my project. i am happy that i got this one as most of the website is user & mobile friendly as requested by my client
    Thanks again Mrs. Johnson

  11. Jake says:

    i need a different contact & about us page as well as i want to go online with this website i have bought domain name from godaddy can u help us with it . Let us know the customization charges i am very new in programming & stuffs.Thanks

    • Admin says:

      No problem Send me the godaddy details on [email protected]. Let me know if you have the hosting account as well if not then we will be needing one.No worries i can help you with that .if you have the contents that you want displayed in those pages send me that as well. Thats it ..

  12. Prithvi says:

    I need a barcode reader feature if you could include it in the code & also a function to sync data in lan network as well as on our website (like online & offline data ) that would make this product complete & i would buy it after those features are implemented

    • Admin says:

      Hii Prithvi,
      Barcode feature is not a big deal as i don’t have the hardware to test it i couldn’t implement it but if you have you can try it ..there is a angular module for doing just this AngularJs Barcode Listener. To Sync data between your local mysql & online mysql you would be needing some cron script on your pc to sync the db ..You need to look into master(local) & slave(online) kind of relationship to deals with those situation and i think php is not the right tool for it.If you really need those features you would need to hire a developer from they would charge you somewhere around $8-$10 a hour but you can get your work done but before that have a look in codecanyon or some other source code selling website cause developing it would be costlier than a ready made product that would be my advice for you.Have a good day.

  13. Nigel says:

    Thanks for the regular updates that you keeps posting we are a small school in nigeria & couldn’t afford to hire developer but your website helped us a lot to manage our small library.

  14. Daniel says:

    Hii Mr.Johnson,
    We are working on school management wordpress theme which is basically our graduation project & we would like to know if we can merge this code with our existing code ? kindly Relpy soon

  15. Thomson says:

    I am looking to add 3 page to the left side of the menu can it be done without coding. Can you help us?
    Mostly it would be content related say like one faq page,terrms & condition & privacy policy page. can we do it without getting our hands dirty with code?

    • Admin says:

      Yup you could do it ..By login into the wordpress dashboard then click on the add page button then select a template called basicpage in dropdown then add the title & content that you want in that page & then you ar done.

  16. Jones says:

    You are a life saver man just when i thought i got to start from the beginning i came across this WordPress theme..well this got me started ..I would recommend it

  17. Gelbero says:

    Can i use this offline ? as most of our institution has wifi enabled so can we use this on lan is my question ?

  18. Phillip says:

    Thanks team the current version 2.1 is awesome. Saved a lot of time as i already had a excel sheet of all isbn that i need to put in the website .As the new website is very fast so did it in no time anyways it was worth the effort. Couldn’t have asked for more for such a price. If you could please make a import/export feature for future it would be of great help when such kind of version are released..

    • Admin says:

      Thanks philip. we are working on a tool to migrate the previous website data to a new website. so more people can upgrade to new system. Hope it gets ready soon.

      • Stefen says:

        When can we expect for a tool to be availabe as i want the new version desperatly as its beautifull.

        • Admin says:

          ::D I am not sure by when it will be available as we are busy with our different work but still if you need it that urgently you can copy all the book details to a ms word file or notepad and then do a upgrade then you can copy paste that isbn to new system and can add books much faster … Hope it helps

  19. Ravi Shastri says:

    I would like to buy this ..but before that i would like to know can i use this as a offline website
    on my computer ? & can you help me install this ?

    • Admin says:

      Yup you can use this on your computer as well u will just need to download & install wamp or xamp software and follow the installation process as show in the video. its simple as that … even if you have some problem installing this then you can ping us . we will install it for you using team viewer if you are not able to do it.

  20. Ravi Shastri says:

    plus i want to know can i pay with paytm ?

  21. Lyla says:

    HI, Yesterday i have paid for source code, but not yet received, please look into it. i have paid through paytem – rs 1300 INR.

    • Admin says:

      We have already mailed you the source code on ******[email protected] . Check your spam folder . If you still have not received you can send a blank mail on [email protected] we will reply back at that mail.

    • Admin says:

      We have also sent an sms to your mobile nos with the link to download the theme file just in case which you can open the link on your computer or can download the file and can transfer it on your computer & you can then start the theme installation process.

  22. Lyla says:

    Got it thank you

  23. Lyla says:

    Hi Admin, recently i brought this from you, but i need some changes and i would like to pay for that, can you guys do that??

  24. Shafi Khan says:

    Sir, I am not able to make a payment with paypal .. how can i pay with netbanking or debit card ?

    • Admin says:

      Sir you would have to select ccavenu as an option which will allow you to pay with netbanking or any debit or credit card. Hope it helps.

  25. Sereyvathana says:

    Hi! Could you tell me which server and database are you using for this system?

  26. Daniel says:

    I have purchase the source code but i couldn’t find the sql file ?

  27. John Rashid Mtendechi says:

    Hello !!! I am John From Tanzania and am interested with the system. Please assist me on payment issues cuz i want to buy the source code.

  28. Onyemechi Ifende says:

    can i upload my own epub books and enable read only??

  29. Akash says:

    Is it possible that i can use this software for my college library management. Also i wish to use it offline. But, on localhost, i guess the servers needs be restarted everytime i restart my system which might be a problem for the non technical staff to handle every time. Any suggestions?

    • Admin says:

      Yup you can use it as clm for that you can even test it if this software has all the feature that you are looking for . This can be used offline also & to solve the downtime issue as you mentioned i guess you will have to create 2 pcs as servers install same code but you will have to point the WordPress to single db either it can be online or offline ..totally depends on your choice.

  30. MOHIT CHHABADA says:

    i have made payment today when i will get source code my transaction of CCA payment id REF is 107439046982 & ORDER ID #111125220901017

    • Admin says:

      we have mailed you the link which contains the download link for the source code.If you have not received the mail then you can mail us & we would reply to that e-mail …Good day

  31. Ahmed Khan says:

    Thanks man with this source code i was able to complete my college project in time

  32. Oliver says:


    This theme is just as i wanted but ,
    Can i make a payment with credit card ? As my papal is not working at this point of time.
    Plz look into it.

    • Admin says:

      I am not sure if this would work but u can try the 2nd option [ pay via ccavenue ] as i think they should accept international cards.

  33. Edward says:

    Thanks bro for solving my server issue..

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