Role/Permission Managment Docs | LMS system

  1. This is where you will be managing roles and permission of the system.
    Let start by looking at what permission is ?
    It's like a guard blocking access to pages.[Imagine a key ]
    So what are roles then?
    They are group of instruction which the guard follows. [Imagine a bunch of key]

    Basic example to wrap ur head on this concept - say a super admin has all the keys so he could access all the pages after login [doors]. Now say i want to give few door access to some or any one user then i add that particular door key and make a bunch of it and give it to the user this way he has access to that respective door.

    In short to say , here the door is the page and key is the permission and bunch is the role

    Add 1/many permission [key] to the role [bunch] and assign user to that role

    You can read about all the keys we have [permissions] below in this page.

    Lets understand the above concept with a example. Say you want to give a user the permission to issue book so you would be needing the permission [key] you will first create a role [bunch] say librarian , you can name anything u like , Then you will first enter Librarian in the first box and click save role. this will create a role called librarian , then you will have to select the librarian role and then the permission mng-book from the list as shown by the arrow, then click on Assign role.[Now we can say after this step that we have one key[mng-book] in a bunch[Librarian], You can add as many permission [keys] that you like to the role , Now lets choose the user that we want to assign this role to, first select the user and then choose role from here select the role. Then click assign role to user. You can also detach user from a role by clicking on close button next to the username. Similary u can also dettach permission from the role by clicking on close button next to permission.

    Note you can't delete the default roles nor the permission, You can only attach or detach the default permission from roles. Rest of the thing in the page below are preety self explaintory. Read on what all the other permission does below.

    Tip don't give any other user this permission mng-role-permission then they will be able to do all this permission management thing from this page :D

    Say if you are not finding any pages in you panel chances are that you don't have that permission in ur role , you can choose the permission and attach it to ur role

    1. mng-setting : This is the most important permission in the system, basically only given to the super admin.
    2. mng-user : This permission gives the user the access to manage user page.
    3. mng-subscriber : Preety straight forward , gives access to Mng Subscriber Page
    4. mng-notice : Preety straight forward
    5. mng-role-permission: Gives access to this page, so choose wisely , you would be thown out , just kidding :D
    6. mng-slider : Preety straight forward
    7. mng-class: Preety straight forward, use to manage the Mng Academics section
    8. mng-book : It gives the user the right to mng/issue/receive book in the system
    9. mng-enquiry: Preety straight forward
    10. mng-lib-stat : Gives access to the lib stats that you see in your dashboard
    11. mng-graph-stat: Gives access to the graphs stats that you see in your dashboard
    12. mng-transaction : Gives access to the manage transaction in the system.
    13. view-transaction: Gives access to the view their respective transaction in the system. Which student has it to view his paid due receipts.
    14. mng-note:Given to user who can write and attach notes
    15. mng-translation : Preety straight forward. Gives access to the transaltion page
    16. mng-classification : Preety straight forward. Gives access to the Basic Classification page
    17. mng-author : Preety straight forward.
    18. mng-publisher : Preety straight forward.
    19. mng-tag : Preety straight forward.
    20. mng-report : Preety straight forward.Give access to the report page
    21. mng-borrow-book This gives the user the access to borrow books. Note if you are using this permission on other custom role that you have created then by default only single book can be issued. To change this feature you got to modify the system. Contact ur dev for this. As you can see below these permission are given to student and teacher which is why they can borrow books from the system. Eg if you remove the given permission from teacher then teacher cann't be issued books.

    Here you can also change user roles easily say if johnny is not a teacher and instead a student then you can change it here, delete the johnny from that teacher role , then select the user johnnny from the drop down and assign him student role.