Classificaiton Docs | LMS system

  1. This is where you can mng authors which can be attached to books. It's preety logical of what this does. Note you can always create the author or publisher by directly typing in the respective boxes in the add book page. No need to visit these page until you want to add/edit some details on both.
  2. This is where you can mng publishers. It's preety logical as well of what this does.
  3. Now what are tag? Another classification concept basically can be used to groups books under single tag irrespective of categories.Eg: Say you have a book under comic category on topic of alien and there is another book on topic of alien in science category you can group both these under single category.

  4. So why are all this classification done ? Or where are they used ?

    Answer is simple when any user say visit some book or are interesed in some book he can find other book of the same liking easily. As you can see below say if a user is interested to read book of author James Kurose then he can click on the author and the system take him to the homepage and show him all the book written by that author, similary is the other paramter can be used for looking up books. He can also add the book to cart for fast checkout.

    Say he has arrived and taken a book from the library shelf reading it and wanted to checkout he could find the book id behind the book and open his login and find the book and add the holding book id to the cart and the request for issuing the book will be sent to the librarian which he can accept. This way we can save sometime while issuing multiple books note the request would be only valid for 15 minutes so user should only checkout if he leaving.He can't issue more than the allowed nos of books for his respective role so be rest assured. More details about issuing books can be read in the issuing of book page docs.

  5. This page is used to create catgories which is basically the heart of ur system.You can group upto 1 level means, Say: Science->Biology or General->GK , You can not go further , and both are a necessary field. The system comes with the default classifciation you can delete those and create your own if required. Every Main category you create will add a default sub category called UnAssigned.YOu can add shelf no of where those categories of book are kept.This will be shown to the user so he could access easily the book that he is looking for. You can attach images to the cateogry or you can use the text version for displaying categories in the front end. For image to be show you got to turn on the setting called Enable Image Classf. from the setting page. For text version you can play around with the color that you like to give for each category.