This is the front end of the Library Management System. This demo is fully functional and will be as it is when we provide the source code.More details are given below.This site resets itself's after every 30 min so you could face logout sometimes.You can login & try the backend dashboard.

Our Library Books













Everything from here is the part of the DOC

All the information required for getting startup and running is given below.Everything is arrange in a stepswise manner for easy understanding of the working of this wesbite

Installing of wordpress:

Download wordpress from : Click Me
  1. Extract the downloaded file into a folder on your server(if live) / www folder (if on localhost) Eg:library.
  2. Extract the Library to this location wp-content\themes\
  3. Create a db in PhpMyAdmin Eg:demo_lib
  4. Then Open the link in the browser. Eg: http://localhost/library/
  5. Follow the instruction to install wordpress.
  6. After installing login into system.
  7. Click on Appearance->Themes & Activate the theme.

Installing Procedures Video

Rough Software Walkthrought

Technologies Used To Build

  1. PHP with Wordpress Framework
  2. AngularJs
  3. Jquery
Note For Advance Users: No Custom Post is used here.Why did i not used ? So that everyone with basic knowledge of php can easily digest the code.

Why were this Technologies Used?

  1. Faster Development
  2. Smooth Feel
  3. Security
  4. Future Prospect
  5. Easy Maintaince
  6. Unlimited Customization with the help of plugins

Modules Preview



Other Settings

Add Books

Manage Books

Deactivate Books (If Lost)

The numbers shown (it's the book id) needs to be written behind each books.Since its used to identify each books.No barcode feature is used since it can increase overall cost.

Manage Courses

Manage Years

Profile Updating

Add Students

Camera module integrated into it.Default password would be the phone number.

Manage Students

Print Library Card

Just a introvert person :D

Issue Books

View All Issued Books

Change Password

Return Books

Sms Sending

View All Archive Books Issued Records

Request New Book (Student Panel)

He creates a new request for the book and provide details.Other student can like his request if certain nos of people like this request then librarian can may be accept the request.

View All Requested Books (Librarian Panel)

He can either approve or dissaprove the request

Institution Setups (Librarian Panel)

Manage Fines

Manage Slides

Front Page

These are all the list of books that are available in the library.If Any books goes out of stock then status (All Issued) will be shown to the students.He can also see a preview of these books via(Google Book Api)

Who can use this?

  1. Computer students with basic understanding of programming & having knowledge of PHP can use it for project purpose.
  2. Even people with no knowledge of programming can follow the instruction to install the software and can use it

Library Management Software BlackBook

This is a reference document for creating a blackbook/presentation of your own.You can modify it and use it accordingly.Download this as a word document

How to download?

Pay & get the source code (Pay via paypal $20) or (Pay via NetBanking/CC/DB/Others).
After you have made the payment kindly mail us with your name & transaction id as we would be sending you the code on the same email-id within 30 minute.If you have any queries you can create a support tickets by clicking on New ticket or by mailing us on :

Help / FAQ

If you need any help installing the software you can contact the developer at or you could open the Ticket (New ticket).


6 responses to “LMS”

  1. Jagadish says:

    Does it work for audio books library, please? Thank you.

  2. Ahmed Khan says:

    Thanks man with this source code i was able to complete my college project in time

  3. John says:

    It was a wonderful theme.I really loved your design I was able to kick-start my college project easily.If you can help me in integrating a payumoney gateway for students who have delayed the return of books as well as a system for uploading a pdf of a specific books.That would complete my project.Anyway i will try myself if would not be able to do …I would need you help man.

  4. Mike says:


    I have mailed you about an issue that i am facing.Its running slow on my localhost.if you could check it would be helpful or you could send me the instruction on my e-mail ( ticketing system is not working at the moment.
    Thanks in advance

  5. Awesome system with great support. I would recommend to everyone.

  6. Satish says:

    I have not received the source code yet. I have made a donation yesterday on paypal. Kindly reply soon as my deadlines are near

    • Admin says:

      Kindly send us your transaction id or your email address to verify as we have not received any amount.Can you check at your end if your transaction was successful or not ? Don’t worry as soon as we receive i can assure you the next moment i would be mailing you the source code.Rest Assured

  7. Stefen says:

    I can’t able to make donation .could you help me with it? I am an indian user

  8. Ali Kazmi says:

    I need help to add some functionality to the system. i am a newbie in php. Would you help if i donate for the the source code.

    • Admin says:

      Sorry sir adding functionality would not be be possible.I can guide you in the right direction anyways You can open a ticket and explain me the requirement if its simpler i will be able to push the functionality in next release.Then may be you can decide to go forward.

  9. Robin says:

    Can i integrate this code in my school WordPress theme.?

  10. Can you add a functionality to upload pdf file of books so students can download it.Preview is still great but pdf would be even better.

    • Admin says:

      Yes you can do it.You will need to add a column in the table and there is already upload functionality include in the code . you can copy & modify it to upload even pdf (currently its image formats)and save the pdf location details in table. That’s all.

  11. Steve says:

    I will pay you extra . if you can add import/export of books from excel functionality & give me.

  12. Ravi Shastri says:

    This is the second time i am getting an LMS source code. 1st one was from codecanyon $30 totally wasted money then i came across this one .This one seems to have better design & less functionality as compare to my previous purchase but this one was a a good deal & by the way the installation was simpler than i imagined.I merge both the source code functionality . It was a pain in ass in the beginning but in the end i figured it out and completed my project. i am happy that i got this one as most of the website is user & mobile friendly as requested by my client
    Thanks again Mrs. Johnson

  13. Jake says:

    i need a different contact & about us page as well as i want to go online with this website i have bought domain name from godaddy can u help us with it . Let us know the customization charges i am very new in programming & stuffs.Thanks

    • Admin says:

      No problem Send me the godaddy details on Let me know if you have the hosting account as well if not then we will be needing one.No worries i can help you with that .if you have the contents that you want displayed in those pages send me that as well. Thats it ..

  14. Prithvi says:

    I need a barcode reader feature if you could include it in the code & also a function to sync data in lan network as well as on our website (like online & offline data ) that would make this product complete & i would buy it after those features are implemented

    • Admin says:

      Hii Prithvi,
      Barcode feature is not a big deal as i don’t have the hardware to test it i couldn’t implement it but if you have you can try it ..there is a angular module for doing just this AngularJs Barcode Listener. To Sync data between your local mysql & online mysql you would be needing some cron script on your pc to sync the db ..You need to look into master(local) & slave(online) kind of relationship to deals with those situation and i think php is not the right tool for it.If you really need those features you would need to hire a developer from they would charge you somewhere around $8-$10 a hour but you can get your work done but before that have a look in codecanyon or some other source code selling website cause developing it would be costlier than a ready made product that would be my advice for you.Have a good day.

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